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Donation Guidelines-Not accepted on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Donating your Treasures


It’s been said that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and this is certainly the premise that supports our Thrift Store operations here at Six Points.  Sometimes though, one man’s trash is just that – trash – and we simply don’t need any more of it here at Six Points.  In fact, Six Points spends over $5,000 annually to dispose of unsalable merchandise and this total does not include personnel costs for our employees who spend hours sorting such merchandise and then taking it out for disposal.  Therefore, while we are extremely grateful to those of you who donate your gently used, quality merchandise to the Thrift Store, we urge everyone to please follow these rules of donating:


  • PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY DONATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING ANYTIME, especially after business hours.  I know that busy patrons truly believe they are doing us a favor when leaving us quality donations after hours, but it doesn’t take long for weather, wind and dirt to make an item unsalable.  And, when good merchandise is left outside after hours, very often people end up taking the nice items. THIS IS STEALING, FOLKS!  Bags are often ripped open and merchandise is spread or blows all over, leaving it unsalable.  The Thrift Store normally takes donations Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am to 5pm,  and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm we are closed for donations on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s.  Feel free to call us at 641-3081 before stopping by.
  • When you have beds, furniture, larger items, electronics and small appliances are all subject to approval before acceptance, please be sure to call us first at 641-3081 before bringing them in for donation.  We have very limited space in our Thrift Store, so sometimes there simply isn’t room for your large merchandise.  And, please don’t be offended if one of our staff politely refuses to accept your donation.  The staff knows best if we have room and if the item(s) will sell, so when they refuse a donation, it isn’t personal.  If we are full and can’t take your donation right then, we will encourage you to call back at a later date when we are again accepting donations.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding under these circumstances.
  • As a rule, we DO NOT accept televisions, large appliances or computers.  Recently we paid $270 to dispose of televisions that were left outside our building.  We don’t have very good luck selling older models of these items and it is expensive and cumbersome for us to dispose of them.  If you think you have a donation that might be an exception, please just call us before bringing it in so we can review it with you.
  • Please keep in mind that our staff’s first priority is to assist and oversee our developmentally disabled clients who work in the Store, so therefore, it may not be possible for staff to help you carry in your larger items, or go with you to help with an item in the Store or Weather Port right at that moment.
  • Please make sure your donation is in working order, is clean and will be marketable.  (For example, if you have typewriter ribbons for a typewriter that hasn’t been made in many years and no one owns anymore, we won’t be able to sell the ribbons.)
  • When it comes to clothing and shoes, even if they are a good brand, if a garment or shoe is missing a button, the zipper doesn’t work,  or it has holes or a bad stain, we probably will not be able to sell it, nor do we have the staff or equipment to wash garments or fix them.
  • For games and puzzles, if pieces are missing, or part of it doesn’t work, the child who unknowingly buys it will be very disappointed, so please make sure everything is included and working before donating.
  • If you have been storing your donations in a garage or a shed, please be sure they have not been infested by bugs or mice before bringing them in or we will have to throw away the whole donation.


The bottom line is, please just donate items to Six Points that you would be willing and proud to buy yourself!  And, please just give us a heads up before donating by calling 641-3081.


The Thrift Store supports the Six Points’ mission by providing a venue for vocational training and jobs for the developmentally disabled clients we serve.  The Store also provides an important revenue stream which currently funds nearly 30 percent of our client programming. We simply couldn’t meet all of our clients’ service needs without this income! The Thrift Store also supports environmental stewardship through the reuse and recycling of donated goods in our beautiful valley.  Finally, the Thrift Store serves as a vital resource for clothing and household goods for low income and at-risk populations in our valley.  So, please keep the treasures coming – responsibly!  Your donations are so important to our clients and our community.


Thank you for your support!