Six Points Evaluation and Training

No Dumping Please!

All of us at Six Points are so happy to be in our new home and we’re very proud of how our new building turned out, thanks to many of you who have supported us by shopping in the Thrift Store, donating merchandise and making financial contributions.  We want our building and our grounds to look good for many, many years to come and WE REALLY NEED EVERYONE’S HELP to accomplish this.  Please DO NOT dump donations of clothing and household goods in front of our building, especially when we’re not open.  (Our hours are 9am to 6pm M-F and 10am to 5pm on Sat.)  These donations end up getting dirty, wet and picked through and then we are not able to sell them.  Please be understanding if a staff member tells you we cannot accept a particular donation.  Sometimes we don’t have room in the Thrift Store for larger pieces and sometimes the item is dirty, in disrepair or so old that we won’t be able to sell it.  Six Points spends thousands of dollars every year on waste management due to our dumpster being filled with donations we can’t sell.  This is money that we’d much rather spend in providing more services and assistance to the adults with developmental disabilities that we help.  Please be respectful that our building, parking lot and dumpster are private property just like at any other business in town, where you would never consider trespassing after hours or leaving trash on their property.  We want our customers, clients and staff to be safe in our new home, so it is imperative that the parking lot, doorways and aisles are not filled with illegally dumped goods.  Finally, please be aware that we will not be accepting any donations of televisions (unless they are a new model flat screens) or computers.  These TVs and computers just don’t sell in the Thrift Store and then Six Points is forced to pay $40 or more each to take them to the City’s recycling center since it’s illegal to put them in the landfill.  We simply can’t afford this expense and appreciate your understanding.

We hope the community is excited to come into the Six Points Thrift Store knowing that they will find clean, well-displayed, gently-used, affordable merchandise and it takes everyone’s cooperation to make this happen.  Through our research, we’ve found Six Points has some of the best-priced merchandise on the western slope and we have regular sales.  Please know that all Thrift Store revenues help support our disabled clients in becoming the most independent, productive, contributing citizens that they can be.  We feel blessed to be located here in Gunnison where our clients are treasured members of our community and so many people support Six Points!  Thank you in advance for adhering to these simple requests to help sustain our organization for the next 40 plus years! Questions about a donation?  Call us at 641-3081.  Thanks for your continued support.