Six Points Evaluation and Training

Region 10 Enterprise Contribution Project

The Six Points Board of Directors and staff are committed not only to the success of our programming but also to reaching our Capital Campaign goal and finish construction of our new Training Center and Thrift Store.  We hope to be able to lay asphalt in our parking lot, pour cement sidewalks around the building and landscape the site during the spring of 2015.  These are the final steps in completing our Capital Campaign and making our new home an attractive, safe, comfortable environment for our clients and customers alike.

The Six Points Capital Campaign has been certified by the Colorado Economic Development Commission as a Region 10 Enterprise Zone Contribution Project. Therefore, all qualified contributions made to the Six Points Capital Campaign are eligible for a Colorado State Income Tax credit of:

  • 25% for any cash contribution; and
  • 12.5% for any in-kind contribution of goods, services, property or stocks and bonds

So, not only will you have the satisfaction of helping completely finish our new Six Points home and site, you will also have the benefit of reducing your state tax liability.

Won’t you please take a moment now to click on the DONATE button below to use the PayPal option to donate? In addition to this Region 10 state income tax credit, you can also take advantage of federal and state tax deductions for your donation to Six Points, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Please call Sue Uerling at (970)641-3081 if you have any questions about these benefits.

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