Six Points Evaluation and Training


Residential Comprehensive Services and Client Training for clients who live in housing owned by Six Points, including:

Bill Tommi and Heidi at Christmas partyPersonal Care – eating/drinking, personal hygiene, emergency response, medications, supervision, health monitoring, and positioning/transferring;

Household Assistance – money management and disbursements, shopping assistance, laundry, meal preparation, household cleaning and maintenance;

Mentoring – decision making, planning, appointment scheduling, safety, health, dietary assessment, relationship education and support;

Transportation – accessing community services, training programs, employment, appointments, shopping, banking, civic events or social activities; and

Community Accessibility – acquisition of community assistance, recreational/community activities, adaptive skills, socialization, and supplies.

Prom Night

Prom Night

Supported Living Services for clients who live in their own homes or with family members (basically providing all of the same services as above as for Residential Comprehensive Service and including much of the Vocational/Day Programming)

Vocational/Supported Employment/Day Programming providing job services and day programs for clients including:

•employment assessment and review;

•vocational training, specialized habilitation and one on one support in conducting job tasks;

•job placement assistance;

•serving as the liaison between outside employers and Six Points’ clients; and

•supported community connections

Colleen's Secret Garden Trip to the Radio Station

Community Thrift Store serves the entire Gunnison Valley as the largest thrift store in the region.  The Thrift Store provides an outlet for residents to donate gently used goods instead of throwing them in the trash, thereby contributing to the reuse philosophy that helps sustain our natural resources and environment.  It also provides a very important source of affordable merchandise for the low-income population of Gunnison Valley, as well as for several other agencies and at-risk populations that Six Points supports through free donations. The Thrift Store also serves as a place of employment for 10 of our developmentally disabled clients.