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Mission Statement:  The mission of Six Points is to provide education, training, assistance and support to all adults with special needs and their families in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties, such that these individuals reach their highest functioning levels and become integrated into our society as independent, productive, contributing citizens. Further, our mission is to advocate for these individuals and increase the awareness of all residents concerning the special needs of the disabled in our community.

Vision: In Six Points’ ideal world, all of those with special needs will be fully integrated and respected in the community. The business of meeting their needs will be self-sustaining and this vision will be supported by the entire community.


  • Integrity
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Compassion and Respect
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Highest Quality of Services and Care
  • Integration Between Clients & the Community
  • Environmental Responsibility

Alicia and Mark Kristin and Jeffrey Gerald and Heidi

History:  In 1972, a group of local citizens and parents were concerned about a lack of services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Gunnison County and they volunteered their support to address this issue.  After many meetings with local and state officials regarding the structuring of services, the Six Points Association was officially formed in 1975 with the primary goals of providing vocational habilitation and employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled in the area. In July 1981, Six Points Evaluation and Training, Inc. filed its first Articles of Incorporation with the State of Colorado.  The Six Points Thrift Store opened its doors for business in 1985 to provide employment opportunities for Six Points’ clients requiring assisted employment.  The Residential Support Program was added in 1989 to provide housing and in-home personal assistance for clients, thereby enabling them to live on their own.  In 1998, the Supported Living Services program was introduced which provides eligible clients with services and supports to enhance their ability to remain in living and employment situations that are least restrictive.  Today, the Thrift Store serves as a critical resource of affordable household goods for the low income population of the area, offers a regional venue for donating second-hand merchandise, and especially, continues to provide employment for many Six Points’ clients.  Since both the Thrift Store operations and client programs were desperately short on space to fully accomplish all of the organization’s goals, in September 2009, the Six Points Board of Directors (Board) purchased with cash two commercial lots directly west of the Gunnison Recreation Center.  Construction on a new 9,000-square-foot facility commenced in April 2013.  The new permanent facility opened to the clients and public on December 15, 2014.

Board of Directors: Six Points is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from Gunnison and Crested Butte.  Board members are from diverse backgrounds and are committed to furthering the mission of Six Points, as well as serving as advocates for the developmentally disabled.  Board meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except for July & August) and are open to the public.

Sharon Taramarcaz, President (Bank Manager)

Robin Cash, Vice President (Higher Education – Retired)

Mike Gierut, Secretary (Sales)

Amanda Brackett, Treasurer (Business & HR Manager, CPA)

Laura Arciniegas (Intellectual Property Attorney)

Ricky Glatiotis (Six Points Client Representative & Thrift strore employee)

David Windsor (Six Points Client Representative & Small business owner)

Bob Brown (Licensed Psychologist Candidate)

Kathy Norgard (P/T Psychologist, licensed in AZ)


Staff: The Six Points’ staff is dedicated to administering the programs, policies and operations adopted by the Board of Directors in support of the developmentally disabled.

*Daniel Bruce – Executive Director;

*Deena Burke – Thrift Store Manager;

*Nancy Lakiotes – Operations Manager;

*Kim Rish – Day Program Manager;

*Kirsten Sanders – Residential Program Manager;

*Brian Smith – Supported Living Services Manager;

*Chris Telling – Asst. Residential Program Manager;

*Taylor Alton – Thrift Store

*Brittney Barger – Service Provider

*Mary Bollish – Thrift Store

*Summer Clark – Service Provider

*Nicole Daigle – Service Provider

*Erin Fogo – Thrift Store

*Art Glesky – Thrift Store

*Maria Jackson – Thrift Store

*Anna McMinimee – Service Provider

*Lindsay More – Service Provider

*Anna L’Huillier – Service Provider

*Stacey Pickett – Service Provider

*Nicole Real – Service Provider

*Diana Riddle – Thrift Store

*Margaret Schneider – Administrative/Services Support Specialist

*Jenny Smith – Thrift Store/Day Program Assistant

*Kyle Tharp – Service Provider



Six Points Family

Six Points Family